National Default Real Estate Solutions

  • Component Solutions
  • Software / Platform Development
  • Property Inspections & Visits
  • Property Preservation
  • REO Repair and Rehabilitation
  • Default Consulting Solutions
  • Data / Analytics
  • Client Specific Custom Programs

3Point offers multiple networks of continuously trained default servicing partners.  Each group is focused on mortgage servicing and your property orders in a unique way.

Through an innovative partnership with our networks and other critical partners, 3Point delivers an unprecedented approach to our industry. With the enterprise pieces firmly in hand, 3Point turned its attention to developing solutions for a few of the most common and difficult elements for mortgage servicer and investor benefits. 3Point offers high quality turn-key Property Solutions that allow you to worry less, and accomplish more.  Mitigating your risks is where we focus.

By solving historical performance or quality issues on residential properties, 3Point is a complementary and value-add solution for a wide array of property protection consumers and related national service providers. There are immediate benefits in engaging 3Point in today's climate. From the standpoint of historical performance, compliance, and problematic property resolution, 3Point's approach to satisfying distressed property service needs is unparalleled. Complement that with our industry experience and unique resources, 3Point can help you exceed most business models being offered.

-Rapid Solution Deployment Expertise-

Hub Based Systems - Where others often fall down, we excel !

3Point utilizes technology that brings cutting edge order delivery and fulfillment products, services and data to the industry stakeholders.  Our platform encompasses Microsoft .NET, MS Rules Engines, and Google Maps ability as just a few of the competitive advantages to propel your business.  See how our applications can get professionals to your asset with the right information, the first time.

Custom designed programs will not become outdated, they will launch with our technology.